Better Thinking's Issue #2: Transparency in Businesses


Better Thinking, the ethical branding company’s second issue is all about Transparency (see the first issue here). ‘When businesses talk about the need to be transparent, it is generally assumed that this is for the benefit of investors and the financial media. That assumption is now being challenged, as individual customers are becoming more interested in what goes on behind the scenes.’ Read some very interesting articles on why more and more businesses become transparent, and how their transparency makes them successful. The companies American Apparel (ethical fashion), Clarence Court’s (egg industry... very special hens!), M&S; with their Plan A and Worn Again (recycled shoes) have been picked by Better Thinking to see what we can learn from transparency within companies. Regarding this subject, I also suggest reading David Bergman’s article ‘Transparent Green’. He believes ‘it's time to get rid of the concept of green design’... ::Better Thinking Magazine