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SRI has become the de facto term for investing for both financial and (purportedly) social return. Whether by avoiding investments in companies that one dislikes, purposefully investing in companies that one likes or investing in companies that are changing the social responsibility game for their industry, SRI is the name of the game in much of the media these days. Finally, an explanation of what the term really means.

Another day, another note on a Chinese solar stock. With the exception of SolarFun, we still feel that the market hasn't separated the winners from the losers in the Chinese solar crowd. Is Trina Solar a winner? Monday's trading was very interesting, with TSL suddenly moving north and approaching its 50-day moving average.

Looking to cash in on trends like "Second Life" and increased usage of the Internet by girls, Mattel launches One of our brave Panelists attends a media launch event where interviews with 10-year old girls reveal whether this new technology encourages a savvier type of female consumer or just reinforces tired gender stereotypes.

Last month, Big Oil companies with a stake in the Orinoco Belt lost control of their projects when Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez declared that the Orinoco Belt would be managed and controlled by the state oil company, Petroleos de Venezuela. However, Big Oil companies aren't taking it lying down. ConocoPhillips hopes to limit losses by allying with Big Oil against Chavez.

Our pious Panelist recently discovered a "Hall of Shame," a supposed guide for Christian Investors who wanted to steer clear of buying stock in companies that are involved in practices contrary to Judeo-Christian principles. But Christian friends were unimpressed, claiming that The Timothy Plan stinks of legalism.

Currency is one of those things, like wristwatches, that will get phased out in time, but for now serve as a reminder that attention to detail is an end in itself. It is with empathy, then, that we read about the town in western Massachusetts that adopted its own currency, "BerkShares," to promote local businesses.

What does Energy Bill 2007 mean for clean tech? Overall, it seems to be geared more toward energy efficiency and the reduction of greenhouse gases rather than the provision of direct support to the renewable energy industry. There is not necessarily a bad thing, as there are ways to reduce emissions other than clean energy technology.

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