Best of The Infrastructurist: Flammable Tap Water, Floating Airports, and the Hanging Gardens of Barcelona


Our pals at the indispensable built environment site The Infrastructurist sent over a round-up of some of the best recent posts:
Crazy or Brilliant? A Plan To Build A Giant Floating Airport Off California Coast
San Diego desperately needs a new airport. Problem is, there's really nowhere to put it. So a local entrepreneur is trying to build a three square mile floating platform out in the Pacific. He's envisioning the $20 billion project as a model for green offshore infrastructure--which just might become a major new industry in the 21st century.A Plan to Knit Together The US Electic Grid
Many Americans don't realize that our national power grid exists in three distinct sections. They all come together near the Texas-New Mexico border, and one intrepid entrepreneur is prosposing a massive triangular substation--build with superconductor technology--that would connect them all to each other. Most importantly, it would allow wind and solar energy to be distributed nationwide.

New Trend: Flammable Tap Water
One family in the town of Fort Lupton, Colorado, used to have the kind of tap water that put fires out. But since natural gas wells have been drilled in their area, their kitchen faucet has become a major fire hazard.

Dubious Green Schemes: The Hanging Gardens of Barcelona
We're all for a local diet. But has a European think tank gone a little too far with this wacky plan to cover the dreamy city of Barcelona with big ugly concrete modules for growing food.

Can Football Fans Help Solve Global Warming?
Like people everywhere, Americans love games. Unfortunately, it's becoming clearer all the time that the most popular spectator sport in the US--football--causes severe brain injury in players. We wonder if some of that competitive fervor could be harnessed to make the US a global leader in reducing carbon emissions.

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