Best of Infrastructurist: Floating Trains, The World's Sexiest Bus Stop and 15 Hot New Careers In Infrastructure


From The Infrastructurist, a round-up of some of the best recent posts:

Look Who's Building Floating Trains...
Trains that levitate on magnetic tracks have been the future of transportation for decades--but with one operating successfully in China now (at speeds of nearly 300 mph) and lots of ambitious proposals on the table around the world, has maglev's moment finally arrived? We survey the 6 most promising projects.
Who Wants A Job? 15 Hot New Careers In Infrastructure
Remember just last year when people had crazy ideas like becoming a celebrity pet stylist or an investment banker? But as the Great Recession drags on, Americans are realizing that the best jobs are the ones that would have impressed grandpa--gigs that involve real skills, pay a fair wage, and produce something of value. Earlier this year we looked at the 10 hottest careers in infrastructure. Last week looked at 5 more. Any aspiring ironworkers or urban designers out there?

Why Your Brain Is Like A City...
Sometimes nature is just weird: A prominent neurological researcher has found that brains and cities follow the same mathmatical principles of growth. It turns out that highways are just like neurons and highway exits are just like synapses.

"The iPhone of Bus Stops"
That's precisely what designers set out to create in Milan. The sleek structure features wifi, air pollution readings, and live updates on the next bus. But it's only one of 9 futuristic bus stops we look at in this survey of coolest and craziest ideas for jazzing up this humble feature of the urban landscape.

What Will Chicago Look Like In 100 Years
At the beginning of the 20th century architect Daniel Burham created the "Plan of Chicago," effectively mapping out the next hundred years of growth for America's Second City. Now a group of architects are floating ideas for the next hundred years--and it seems like things might get wild. An "energy umbrella" over the whole city? Time travel as a civil right?

How does a highway die?
This video shows how years of wear and tear from cars and trucks ultimately turns a road's foundation to mush, requiring huge sums of tax money to repair.

Taking A Nap On Railroad Tracks
The British have invented a strange and hilarious pastime they call The Lying Down Game. Picture a wiki travelogue version of Weekend at Bernie's, with people out in public pretending to be asleep in the strangest and most awkward places imaginable--say, teetering on statues, dangling from forklifts, balanced on trash baskets...

Why Does Bobby Jindal Hate Choo-Choo Trains So Much?
The governor of Louisiana--famous for his awful speeches and his resemblance to 30 Rock's Kenneth the Page--has refused to apply for federal money to build a passenger rail link between New Orleans and the state capital of Baton Rouge. Now, even fellow Republicans are telling him to stop the madness.

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