Best of Green: Business & Politics (Slideshow)

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Now that the initial voting period has ended, it's time to vote for the 'Best in Show' -- check out the category winners in the Best in Show slideshow, and then click over to Planet Green to View & Vote for your favorites. Voting ends at midnight on April 30, 2009.

The Best of Green: Business & Politics
All of the individual efforts that TreeHugger encourages people to do to green their lives, buy more eco-friendly products, reduce their carbon footprint and eco-footprint as a whole will only take us so far on the path of creating a truly green and sustainable future. The other piece of the puzzle is changing the structure of of society to place the environment at the head of every decision. That's where the larger actions of business and politicians really come into play.

Though the road towards a fair and just, ecologically sustainable future is long, the winners in each of the Best of Green categories you're about to view all are leading the way in their particular sphere.

Without further a-do here are TreeHugger's picks for the Best of Green for Business & Politics:

Best of Green Culture Celebrity slideshow
Don't agree with our picks? Vent in the Forums. And check out he winners in our other six categories for the Best of Green.

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