Best of 2007: Greenwashers of the Year

It's like shooting fish in an overcrowded BC fish farm, picking out our favourite greenwashers of the year, all part of our series about the Best of 2007.

1)The ultimate in greenwashing chutzpah for the year goes to the Fur Council of Canada for their new "Fur is Green" campaign, where they say that "In nature, each plant and animal species generally produces more offspring than the land can support to maturity. Like other species, we live by making use of part of this surplus that nature creates." So killing is green. and sustainable. Wow. ::Fur is Green

2)"the Eden Collection is created from a minimum of 12% pre-consumer recycled material."- somewhat akin to calling a product vegan when it is made from 88% lard. And their advertising is filled with stupid lame hippie imagery. And where is the 12% from? LG takes an environmentally responsible approach to handling imperfect sheets by utilizing them as regrind material to be used in standard line colors versus sending them to a landfill."- They grind up their own mistakes. ::Greenwashing Your Countertop: LG Eden

3) Poor Loblaws, struggling to recover from a few disastrous years and paint itself green with a "something must be done" campaign, that included promises of local food and special stands labelled "Ontario Grown-picked at its peak." What do we find it filled with? USA cranberries. Loblaws: Something Can Must Be Done
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4) Amazon says: "THINK GREEN: Shop our wide selection of cordless and electric lawn and garden tools" Boingboing says: "Irony, Thy Name is Amazon." We say "Nothing Says Green Like an Electric Leafblower"

5) Where do we start? They are not Beyond Petroleum, they are Beyond the Pale buying up the Alberta tar sands, Bad Pollution as they dump crap into Lake Michigan.

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