Best Buy Names Oct 30th As Vampire Day - Vampire Power, That Is

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If you need a little help getting into the Halloween spirit for Friday, Best Buy is helping you out by encouraging you to kill vampires on October 30th.

Showing a sense of humor and naming tomorrow National Vampire Awareness Day, the company is hoping to show consumers the scary hidden vampire power problems lurking in their very own homes. Need a little reminder about the scope of the problem?

Vampire Power is the electricity that consumer electronics and appliances use while they are switched off or in a standby mode. Thisinsidious phenomenon is responsible for wasting an estimated $4 billion inthe U.S. annually and the Department of Energy notes that this figure could rise by 20 percent by 2010. Forty percent of all electricity used to power electronics and appliances in the average American home is consumed while they are turned off and the overnment has estimated that "vampire power" consumes enough energy to equal to the output of 17 power plants.

Now that is scarier than a bag full of ghosts thrown at your front door.

Best Buy is handing out tips instead of tricks, all of which we’ve heard before but make for a good reminder. You can check out more at their Vampire Awareness Day website.

Via Press Release
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