Berlin Seeks Young Landscape Designers

Since 1965, as part of an international design competition, the city of Berlin has awarded the Peter Joseph Lenné Prize in three categories: garden and landscape architecture, urban green space planning, and landscape planning incorporating nature conservation. The hunt is on for 2006, and a committee of experts from Berlin's universities and colleges, the Academy of the Arts, the Karl Foerster Foundation, and the municipal administration for green space planning are seeking entries, due June 26, from individuals—or groups of individuals—under 35 years old. Named after the man behind several of Germany's green landmarks, including the parks at Sanssouci in Potsdam and the Tiergarten in Berlin, the competition is a an example of what a proactive endeavor can do to local, and international plots of green. Submissions must be received by June 26. For more information, visit the city’s Senate Department of Urban Development online. ::Senate Department of Urban Development