Ben Stein: "Global Warming is By No Means Proved"

Courtesy of Media Matters, actor and global warming denier Ben Stein told Fox News that "global warming is by no means proved." Mr. Stein added "Cap and trade is a nightmare, disaster, will benefit only the speculators."

Here's two resources for Mr. Stein. The Nobel-prize winning IPCC says that climate change is real, we are the reason, and action must be taken. Second, the EPA says that cap and trade "would accelerate the deployment of clean energy technology while growing the economy, at relatively little cost to the consumer."

Man, reality is a hard pill to swallow.

Last year in a New York Times op-ed, Mr. Stein said:

We need to turn coal into oil into gasoline, to use nuclear power wherever we can, and to brush aside the concerns of the beautiful people who live on coastal pastures (like me). And we need to drill on the continental shelf, even near where movie stars live. This must be done, on an emergency basis. If we keep acting as if the landscape were more important than human life, we will make ourselves the serfs of the oil producers and eventually reduce our country to poverty and anarchy.

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