Beijing's "No Car Days"


According to Agence France-Presse, Environmental officials in Beijing have asked residents to stop driving their cars to work one day a month "in an effort to clean up the capital's stifling air pollution and ease traffic jams...More than 200,000 drivers in up to 100 Beijing auto clubs have agreed to comply with the voluntary request, the Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau said in a report posted on its website". The request's trivial long term impact on air quality notwithstanding, those would be the days to ride one's bicycle or walk to work, to revel in life and to remember the freedom and beauty of an earlier time...or">anticipate the Olympics.  The psychology will be interesting. By helping people see what things could be like, assuming they get a high level of cooperation, there could be more willingness to look for better ways to get around. Which makes us wonder: Gas Hog-free days anyone? Wait. Let's limit this to people driving SUVs while wearing dress clothes...we're thinking about those guys you see wearing a suit and tie, driving their Mega-Truck to the as to leave out the tradesmen and farmers who actually use those things for what they were designed.