Beijing's Smog Crisis Revealed in Documentary

In the news lately has been the extraordinarily bad conditions of Beijing's air, or as some are calling it, "airpocalypse". The city recently went way, way, way off the charts -- hitting 755 on a scale of 0-500 -- for air pollution and officials are now looking at how to reign in the causes of such incredible pollution.

The Guardian reports, "One week after that chart-busting Saturday, Beijing proposed new measures to combat pollution, including increased fines for excessive vehicle emissions and factory shutdowns on particularly bad days. But experts say the sheer scale and diversity of the pollution's underlying causes means that Beijing residents may not be able to breathe freely for decades."

One resident hopes to bring the issues directly to the public view with a new 40-minute documentary showing the flat-out frightening conditions of air within the city.

The Guardian writes, "Li Feifan discusses his 40-minute documentary Future Armageddon, screened on Chinese TV this week. It features multiple images of the same city skyline submerged in different levels of smog. Li spent two months filming in the city, including earlier this month when pollution levels were 30 to 45 times above the recommended safety levels."

Air pollution isn't only bad in Beijing. Just yesterday Mike reported on a NASA chart revealing poor air quality across the middle east and Asia.

Beijing's Smog Crisis Revealed in Documentary
A short documentary aired on Chinese TV hopes to bring needed public attention to the "airpocalypse".

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