Behold the Togetherizer—1.37 Million Tons of CO2 Saved and Counting

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Okay, so calling anything a "Togetherizer" might be a tad on the grandiose side. It sounds like some flashing light-laden device just waiting to malfunction in a bad 1950s black and white sci-fi movie. But if the Climate Group's initiative Together needs to drum up some PR, then by all means, "izer" away. Its efforts have after all spared the air an impressive 1.37 million tons of carbon dioxide and other harmful greenhouse gases, according to reports verified by the EPA and the Environmental Resource Management organization. According to the Climate Group, "Together is a consumer engagement campaign that unites brands, cities and non-profits to make it easier for every American to fight climate change," and includes powerhouse companies and non-profits like Target, Dell, Chase, the Nature Conservancy, MySpace, Red Cross, and MTV. The Togetherizer (I admit, I feel ridiculous just typing the word) is the effort's online aggregator that quantifies the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions consumers have avoided based on sales reports from affiliated companies.

The founding principle of Together is simple enough: encourage companies and consumers to follow practical solutions for saving energy and reducing waste. Target, for instance, stocks energy efficient CFL bulbs and offers reusable shopping bags as a result of the campaign. Dell offers Energy Star certified laptops and spearheads a recycling effort.

And the Togetherizer is there online, keeping track of it all. It constantly updates the progress being made by each of the effort's constituents, and tallies up the grand sum total, so that people who buy energy efficient goods or make less wasteful shopping decisions can see a big ol' number that they helped create, in theory.

With 860,000 tons of CO2 saved with UK Together efforts, those projected savings land somewhere closer to the 2 million mark in total. All hail the Togetherizer—let's just hope it doesn't break down and start tallying the reasons the Earth would be better without human consumers at all . . .

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