Beer + Ideas = Beermatting

In a similar light (dark and smokey?) to Green Drinks and Green Links now comes Beermatting. Instead of scribbling down ideas, to save the world, on back of envelopes, you can head to the pub. As the creative juices start to flow, in union with the alcoholic beverages, you can pen them on those cardboard mats used for soaking up spills. Hence Beermatting. Founder Duncan advises that Beermatting is both a "daily blog, dedicated to sharing innovative business ideas that improve our World." and a "networking/brainstorming event, for like-minded ideas people in Edinburgh, Scotland." We spied ideas for clean oil, ethical investing, developing-world micro-loans, and even cultivation of Bog Myrtle (which seems to have almost as many benefical properties, as those claimed by fans of hemp.) and a sun-heat powered water pump, to name but a few. ::Beermatting