Bee Movie and a Happy Meal: My Eco-Dream Comes True?

I've got to be honest, there's no end to the intrigue when marketing guru's at big companies everywhere start sensing the opportunity to capitalize on the growing green movement.

So call me a skeptic, but I am really enjoying the process of observing the latest cooperation between the makers of "Bee Movie" and the people at McDonald's, with Conservation International thrown in for good measure.

Apparently, they're all cooperating to get kids to go outside, exercise, and "Bee Good to the Planet". Well, that sounds just fine to me Though I must confess to a certain bit of wonderment at the idea of pushing a cheeseburger and a movie as a part of going green.
I guess maybe I'm old-fashioned, but I liked my cheeseburgers better when I knew they were unhealthy, and the company pushing them on me didn't try to divert my attention from the fact with clever marketing schemes to save the planet.

And admittedly, I imagine I should just "Bee Happy" that it's Jerry Seinfeld's new movie we're talking about and that he's finally back on-screen; though somehow I just don't believe this latest marketing collaboration will change the world

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