Beavers Care About the Environment Too.

We are losing dreadfully to Cuteoverload in the Webby awards so we figure if you can't beat'em, join'em, and introduce our new round of cute animal articles. Post 1: We learn from the Onion that Huntsville, Ontario beaver Dennis Messner is spending an inordinate amount of time and effort in the planning and construction phases of building his dam. "There are two primary schools of thought on dam building: the instinctive school and the adaptive school," Messner said, studying the river's current. "I'm more of an integration-minded postmodernist. I don't believe that form should follow function, like most of my colleagues do. On the other hand, a dam is a celebration of beaver culture, and that is what it should reflect." He is very concerned about environmental issues: "I do wonder what kind of impact my dam will have on the environment. How can I make this the most positive experience possible, while still minimizing adverse impact on the wetlands? What kind of beaver would I be if I didn't take erosion science into consideration?" Read more at ::The Onion