Beautiful Photos of a Community Tackling Peak Oil

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When Al Jazeera did a feature on Transition Town Totnes, they showed the world a town that was taking on peak oil and climate change through community action. But for a slightly more off beat, surreal view of this initiative, check out photojournalist Ed Thompson's visual essay on Transition Town Totnes. From owls on railway station platforms through allotment gardens to solar panels on roofs, there are some beautiful and often unexpected shots. Here's why Ed thinks it's so important:

Solar panels on the roofs, chimneys and wood stoves, vegetable gardens in the house gardens, fruit trees on the sidewalks, advanced (and respected) waste recycling's schedule, electric public transports, electric cars, electric bicycles. These are the strong points of Transition Towns, that, besides environmental sustainability, let save a lot of money. Today Totnes is a technological artistic and unique laboratory in the world as well a model that should be assumed in all.

It all sounds quite lovely.

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