Beat The Heat: Auto Mechanics Don Kilts to Stay Cool

kommando kiltsKommando Kilts/Screen capture

We've heard of the Chinese government encouraging people to dress down to save energy, and in Chile office workers have ditched their ties to save energy. Now ABC News reports that in Tulsa, Oklahoma, auto mechanics have taken to wearing kilts in an effort to stay cool:

“It was mainly that we were looking for an alternative for the heat,” said David O’Brien, the owner of O’Brien Auto Performance in Tulsa, Okla. “And since I have Irish and Scottish heritage, it was just a fun thing to do.”
With no air conditioning in the shop, O’Brien decided to invest in an airier alternative — and he wanted it to be Made in America.
The company invested in kilts made locally by Kommando Kilt, and the response has been positive. The only problem, says O'Brien, is that you can really burn your rear end on the seat of a hot car.

Beat The Heat: Auto Mechanics Don Kilts to Stay Cool
A Tulsa auto shop embraces Made In America kilts as an alternative to air conditioning.

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