Bear on the Lam in Bavaria


The good news: Germany has seen its first brown bear in 170 years. The bad news: He's on a homicidal rampage in Bavaria, and is now wanted dead or alive. A trail of chickens, prize sheep, and honey leads to the elusive "JJ1," who reportedly enjoys killing. Several of his victims were left uneaten. Now a Finnish team has taken on the task of hunting him down—if they get to him first, JJ1 could potentially live a long bear life in a local wildlife park (sturdy fencing will end this honey and lamp chop diet). The team will be armed with anaesthetic darts fired from a gun or a blowpipe—but won't arrive on the scene for at least a week. Cross your fingers for JJ1 According to Spiegel Online, the JJ1 dilemma could end efforts to resettle the bears in the Alps and the Pyrenees. In the latter, the bear population is currently only about 20. Yet another catch 2022. When we try to patch up the issues that come with expanding population and reduction of open green space, we run the risk of causing additional problems...kind of like in The Butterfly Effect when Ashton Kutcher thinks he has fixed the future—and it all backfires. ::Spiegel Online

Photo courtesy of Cheryl A. Ertelt