Beam Me Up Charlie: Prince Charles Makes Holographic Appearance at Energy Summit

Sometimes, in our search for cool new green tech, the world starts to feel decidedly Sci-Fi. Prince Charles has previously graced our pages for both his attempts to cut his carbon footprint AND his exceptionally good sandwhich making abilities, but his latest headline-hitting green antics are probably the coolest yet. The heir to the British throne made an appearance last week at the Abu Dhabi World Future energy summit, but not in person or even through a video link up. His Royal Highness gave a speech as a hologram:

…delegates were treated to a full-size, walking, talking, fiddling hologram of his royal highness, who made a brief speech then vanished back into thin air.

His appearance was the talk of the 2,500 delegates at the World Future energy summit, most of whom had flown thousands of miles to discuss renewable energy and climate change and how to save emissions.

The very sight of Prince Charles caused many to gasp, and they were also surprised by his reference to a common "creator" figure. "Scientists are now saying that the problem of climate change is now so grave and so urgent that we have less than 10 years to slow, stop and reverse greenhouse gas emissions. Common actions are needed in every country to protect the common inheritance that has been given to us by our creator..." said the prince.

::The Guardian::via site visit::

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