Beach Pockets Umbrella Anchor

One picture tells the Seabreeze Products, Inc "Beach Pockets" story. It's main function is to hold the true beach umbrella upright against the wind. But there are other potential uses, and some interesting side benefits. Turn the page down for details.
. Use it to 'saddle-bag' your toys and accoutrements, enroute to the waterfront.
.Attach to the umbrella stand with included "barrel" and fill with beach sand, keeping the umbrella upright in winds up to 20mph; or, if the wind is low, skip some of the sand and keep your goodies hung in the shade.
.Less time spent "digging in" the umbrella, more time lazing around.
.No screw-in devices needed (less "stuff").
.Keeps contained items closer to the shade source.
.Inexpensive, low-mass solution.
.Works with rental or new-bought umbrella
.Use to pack out trash at the end of the day.
.Fits in a suitcase.
.Could use it at home with a deck umbrella to keep table utensils, etc.

Potential Con's
.If used in very high wind, may result in broken umbrella spokes, requiring you to buy more "stuff" for the next trip to the beach. Note: potential for wind damage depends on umbrella quality and depth of stand below grade level. You could learn to set a depth that allows it to tip in a severe gust.
.Turn your back and the kids will fill them up with dead crabs and seaweed.
.Visual obstacle for ogglers.

Conclusion: TreeHuggable. Could use a fabric cupholder on the outside face.