Be the Change... Obama Should Reinstall White House Solar Panels

lolcat obama and carter solar panels photo

Barack Obama photo: David Katz/Obama for America.

As president-elect Barack Obama has identified dealing with our 'planet in peril' as a top priority of his administration, if I were him I’d start planning to put solar panels back on the White House roof and to have a re-dedication ceremony photo op with Jimmy Carter.

It may be more a symbolic act than anything else, but it would send a powerful message that renewable energy, green jobs and climate change are really on the top of the Obama administration's agenda.Symbolic Steps Must Be Backed Up With Practical Ones
For some more concrete steps that President Obama could take, he’d be wise to start by listening to people like Bill McKibben who are emphasizing that government-led action on renewable energy, re-engaging with the international community on climate change, and putting stiff caps on carbon emissions are all crucial to putting the United States on the path to a green future.

Though the National Park Service put some solar panels on one of the smaller buildings on the White House grounds about five years ago, putting them back on the roof of the White House itself would really be leading by example. They could even probably be building-integrated ones so they don't disturb the roofline of the building.

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