Be a Good Little Bunny and Watch Out for Excessive Easter Egg Packaging

It's Easter and time for those over-packaged chocolate eggs with big boxes, lots of plastic and too small eggs. But some manufacturers are cleaning up their act--as they should--since Easter eggs create 3,000 tons of garbage in the UK alone.

So who are the good guys, or should that be buys?

First off is Montezuma's, a British chocolate company that is Fair Trade and organic. Their wrapping is so simple; there are just two parts. The biodegradable outer shell is made of 70% post industrial recycled corrugate and is compostable. The inner foil wrapping is also recyclable. Available in the USA for $12.00. Well done.

But let's hear it for Nestle too. They are the first UK and Irish confection company to have their packaging 100 percent recyclable. They have dispensed with the rigid plastic inside the box and replaced it with recyclable cardboard. They say that will save 726 tons of plastic from going to landfill each year. Their boxes are smaller too. Available in the USA for $12.93.

The plastic "window" that lets you see inside the box is now made of a compostable film, resulting in a 30 percent reduction in packaging. That's no yolk.

A British Member of Parliament, Jo Swinson has published an annual report on Easter Egg Packaging for the past six years. She reports that on average only 38% of "what is in an Easter egg box is an egg", the same percentage as last year. However she did praise Nestle, Mars and Cadbury for their efforts.

Excessive easter egg packagingGreen and Black's/Promo image

She gives good marks to Green & Black's Easter eggs, although they have fallen from first place last year to second this year.

Her other big concern is that the information on packages about what is recyclable and what is not is very unclear. Sainsbury's supermarket is particularly guilty of misleading information which meant that thousands of their boxes may end up in the recycling bin when they shouldn't be.

Buyer Beware and Happy Easter.

Be a Good Little Bunny and Watch Out for Excessive Easter Egg Packaging
Love the egg, hate the boxes: Easter egg packaging is better but still too much.

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