BBC Radio Soap Covers Transition Towns

The Archers join Transition Towns Movement
The Archers takes some explaining to those who have never heard it. One of the longest running soaps, it's been playing on BBC radio since the 1950s, has aired over 15000 episodes, and still has a surprisingly huge following. Set in the fictional UK village of Ambridge, the show was originally conceived as an educational tool to reach farmers, and it still intersperses personal drama with relevant agricultural storylines. It's already hit the pages of TreeHugger once for featuring discussion about carbon offsets, and now it looks like Ambridge might be joining the mushrooming Transition Towns movement that has been taking the UK by storm. Click below the fold for a sample from the shows script, courtesy of Rob Hopkins at Transition Culture:
"One of the characters, Pat Archer, a dedicated organic farmer, raised the idea. She decided first to discuss it with her friend Cathy, who asked her what this Transition stuff is all about

Pat. Well, it's something the Soil Association has been talking about for a long time. Transition is a way of actually making a difference
Cathy. How?
P. It's a bit like we did with the school meals at Loxley Barratt, but on a far bigger scale, and it wouldn't just be about food.
C. Hang on you want everyone to eat local produce or grow their own or what? And if its not just food .
P. OK. I'll start again. The Transition Movement says we've got to do something about climate change, and we've got to reduce our dependence on oil..
C. Everyone's been saying that for ages
P. Yes, but Transition communities are actually doing it.
C. How?
P. Lots of ways. Food is just the start. Energy Descent Plans. Community orchards. Woodchip boilers. Economic localisation. The Totnes Pound
C. The what?
P. Totnes, you know, Devon. They've created their own currency which you can only use locally.
C. Good grief! It all sounds pretty ambitious!
P. Well, it's got to be.
C. Well, it sounds amazing!
P. Tony thinks it's a good idea.
C. I think you might have a job selling it to the whole village
P. Well, I'm going to carry on with it anyway, see how far I can get."

::The Archers::via Transition Culture::

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