BBC Failing on Environmental Performance

As a rule, Treehugger likes the BBC. It’s been a good source of environmental stories for us, and their reporting tends to be relatively accurate and unsensational. We were disappointed then to hear from the Guardian, another Treehugger favorite, that the BBC are failing on their own environmental performance. Apparently, according to the BBC’s own figures, carbon emissions went up last year, from 0.15 tonnes per broad cast hour, to 0.25 tonnes. Total waste per employee also rose from 250kg to just under 300kg. There are figures on the inside calling for change, however. Jeremy Paxman, one of the BBC’s star presenters, recently attacked the corporation for its ‘laughable’ environmental policies. We aren’t saying we won’t report on BBC stories in future, but it would certainly be nice to see them walking their talk. :: BBC :: The Guardian