Battle of The Climate Titans

Think Progress reports that "The Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) will unveil two 60-second TV ads focusing on what it calls "global warming alarmism and the call by some environmental groups and politicians to reduce fossil fuel and carbon dioxide emissions." The ad is being released just a week before the May 24th opening (in LA and NYC) of Al Gore's new movie on global warming, An Inconvenient Truth". The CEI news release regarding the ad concludes: "The campaign to limit carbon dioxide emissions is nothing short of an attempt to suppress energy use, which in turn would be economically devastating-all to avert an alleged catastrophe whose scientific basis is dubious." Al Gore has been barnstorming the nation lately, promoting An Inconvenient Truth, repeating his lines from the movie to promote it. Or was that the other way around? Anyhow, with all that good Think Tank attention cropping up again, Mr Gore must be feeling like Robert Johnson did when he wrote the lyrics to the classic blues song: Hellhound On My Trail.

"I got to keep moving, I got to keep moving
Blues falling down like hail, blues falling down like hail
Mmm, blues falling down like hail, blues falling down like hail
And the day keeps on remindin' me, there's a hellhound on my trail"

Far more important than Titans battling is real life, when it comes to appreciating the import of Climate Crisis. An Inconvenient Truth opens just a week before the hurricane season of 2006 officially begins. Within a matter of months we'll know whose trail the hellhound is on.