Battery Empowered: USBCELL Wins Two Awards in One Week


That small rechargeable battery, yes the one you can charge from the side of your computer, is having quite big a week. Having come away with a UK Energy Efficiency Award in December praise for the ingenuity of the USBCELL has been flooding in, culminating this week with two more prestigious awards. Last Wednesday Simon Daniel, co-designer of the USBCELL, was awarded New Energy Entrepreneur of the Year and this afternoon it was announced that USBCELL has won Gold in the IF Product Design Awards at the Cebit conference in Germany. Simon Daniel is particularly excited about this award because as he says:

"This demonstrates the importance of Sustainable Design, that our AA USBCELL Battery from a small new British company, can beat the worlds best electronics and consumer brands at CeBIT. Today's Portable and wireless devices eat batteries — over 15 billion batteries are now made/thrown away each year — equivalent to a column of batteries to the moon and back, wasting resources, C02 and landfill. The world needs better battery technology like our USBCELL Rechargeable batteries that can be recharged anywhere from a USB port on a desktop, laptop or games station — making it easier to re-use anywhere, saving hassle, money and waste."

Congratulations to Simon Daniel, Chris Wright and all at USBCELL.

:: Moixa Energy
:: Cebit

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