Barton Questions Waxman's "Nuts" In Climate Dustup

Yesterday saw Rep. Henry Waxman's energy and climate bill drop, but before it goes to the full House it will have to clear Waxman's Energy and Commerce Committee. Standing in the bill's way is one Joe Barton of Texas, who used a gambling reference and a certain reference to a certain part of the anatomy to question the bill's future.In a press conference, Barton, flanked by his House Republican colleagues, whipped out this beauty: Waxman "doesn't have the nuts" to pass his energy bill. On first blush, his comments seem fairly harmless; an unbeatable hand in Texas Hold 'Em poker is known as "nuts."

But watch the video until its end to see how Barton couldn't leave it alone. He comes back to the "nuts" analogy, but he goes a step farther, questioning who will have whom by the "nuts" next week when the bill is debated in committee. Keep it classy, Joe!

It's worth noting that Barton has long been a recipient of healthy campaign contributions from the oil and coal utilities. He also has his own climate bill, which has no cap-and-trade system and which does not label carbon dioxide as a air pollutant, meaning that the EPA couldn't regulate the Number 1 cause of climate change.

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