Barclaycard--Breathe More Easily

barclaycard-breathe-.jpg Barclays, the third biggest bank in the UK, has just launched their own green affinity card, Barclaycard Breathe. The bank will donate 50% of the profits to projects that tackle climate change. These include a grant programme for installing solar energy in schools, two projects in China and a renewable energy power plant in the Amazon.

Cardholders will also get discounts on car hires, bicycles, gardening supplies, insulation and organic clothing. The card itself is made from PETG, it's an on-line service and they use recycled paper for customer communications.

Is it green or green wash? An analyst has said: “It’s great to see such an influential player showing a conscience and taking steps to help the green cause. But this deal only scratches the surface, and perhaps has more publicity appeal then true green credentials. There are some truly green and ethical financial companies out there, such as the Co-operative Bank and Triodos". :: Barclaycard Breathe

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