Barclaycard Breathe: Credit Card Offers Free Solar for Schools


The good folks over at SolarCentury have been busy. Only a few months ago they launched Solar4Schools, a program to provide part-funded solar energy systems to UK schools. Now we hear that, for some lucky schools at least, the installation will be completely free. This latest announcement is thanks to a generous donation from Barclaycard Breathe, a new credit card that will donate 50% of its profits to carbon reduction projects around the world as part of the Climate Group initiative. Jeremy Leggett, CEO of SolarCentury, and who we previously interviewed here, welcomed this additional support:

"We are delighted with this new impetus for the Solar4Schools programme. We have already had hundreds of enquiries for the funding available, however, the new support from Barclaycard Breathe will ensure that more schools are able to meet the fund requirements more quickly. Access to this silent, clean, sustainable energy is easy, meanwhile it is a crucial vehicle for educating young people on the benefits of solar PV-generated electricity."

Barclaycard Breathe's commitment to climate protection doesn't end with solar powered schools. Read below the jump for more details of their carbon busting work.
Other projects funded by Barclaycard Breathe include a wood-fired power plant using sustainably harvested waste FSC wood in the Brazilian Amazon, and low-impact hydro-power and new wind farms in China. Of course, the concept of a 'sustainable credit card' will be challenging for some in the environmental movement, given the role of credit in driving over-consumption, but surely, if people are to use credit cards, then one that donates to such worthy projects is very worth while. Cardholders also get money off green products and services, such as renewable energy from our friends at Ecotricity, or home insulation from British Gas. The Barclaycard Breathe website also includes a top ten list of actions to fight climate change, including insulating your house, buying green energy, and walking or cycling more. ::Barclaycard Breathe:: via SolarCentury::

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