Barcelona Spain In Drought: To Import Water By Ship


Barcelona is planning to import water by ship from Marseilles, in southern France, as well as from other nearby coastal sources of fresh water. It is an emergency measure: area reservoirs are only 20% full as a consequence of an historic drought.

The Catalan Water Agency says it has chartered 10 tankers to transport water to Barcelona for at least six months, or until rainfall returns to normal. This is expected to cost €22m (£17m, $35m) a month. Emergency wells are being dug in the region of Tarragona to supply the tanker ships.
The politics of coping with the water shortage in Barcelona remind us of the parallel situation in Atlanta Georgia, USA. Except worse, as Atlanta at least has relatively uncontaminated groundwater. (The Barcelona region only began to address surface water pollution in the 1990's, 20 years behind North America, and groundwater pollution in developed areas is degraded, according to this source: Water Supply in the Barcelona Region) Via::Financial Times, "Barcelona plans to import water by ship" Image credit::Reuters Pictures, Sau Reservoir north of Barcelona, 2007.

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