Banksy Artwork Protesting Deforestation on Auction in London

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Photo: bonhams

Never mind the poster, original artwork by graffiti artist Banksy is on auction today. It was commissioned by Greenpeace for their campaign against global deforestation.

He used some some of the main characters from "The Jungle Book" by Disney, but they objected, and made legal threats, so the series was withdrawn from circulation.

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Photo: artdaily

He transposed the tied and muffled Jungle Book figures onto a photographic image of a devastated forest for the "Save or Delete" campaign. But due to threats of legal action from Disney the posters were withdrawn from circulation. This piece of artwork was given to the person who is now selling it, hopefully with a price tag of £60-80,000 ($93,000-125,000).
News Update: the art work sold for £78,000 ($121,700).

bomb love photo

Photo: bonhams

More affordable, at £4,000 to £6,000 is "Bomb Love", from 2004, clearly an anti-war statement and appropriate for the times.

obama change photo

Photo: bonhams

Also up for sale is a signed copy of the iconic Obama poster from his election campaign in 2008. Created by Shepard Fairey, it is one of only 200 which were handsigned by the artist and given to members of Obama's campaign team. This sold for £4,560.

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