Bank Ad Explains Why Small Economics Might Be The New Big

Triodos Bank hands ad photoTriodos Bank/Video screen capture

Triodos Bank has already broken the mold for bank ads, calling for more happiness, less greed. But that's hardly surprising for a bank that only invests in positive change, dares to question "ethical consumption", and holds annual meetings for its customers discussing issues like food security.

Their latest ad is no exception, making the case for why small is the new big, and why centralized control and hierarchical structures are becoming less-and-less relevant in our interconnected, dynamic and interactive world.

Of course from Plenitude Economics to a no growth economy, these are hardly new topics for many TreeHuggers. But the messenger is as important as the message.

If only more "ethical" businesses were willing to step up and not just do better business, but talk about the big picture challenges we face as a society—we might start seeing some real change, not just token consumer activism.

Kudos once again to Triodos Bank for behaving nothing like a bank.

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