Bangladesh Minister to GOP: Climate Change is a Reality (Video)

And he should know. Bangladesh is one of the nation that stands to be most devastated by the impacts of climate change -- and it's already being hit. The low-lying nation is extremely vulnerable to flooding, and the rising sea levels, increasing rainfall, and inland desertification are making global warming something of a perpetual perfect storm for the nation. Climate journalist Brad Johnson is reporting from Cancun, and he asked the Bangladeshi Environment Minister what he thought of the GOPs stance on climate action. Here's what he said.First some background on the GOP's role in the climate talks, via Wonk Room:

At the beginning of the Cancun climate talks, Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-OK) and other Republican senators questioned the threat to the developing world from climate change, telling President Obama to kill the global climate impacts fund he helped establish last year. Inhofe's letter argued that the scientific findings about "eventual impacts of climate change in developing countries were found to be exaggerated or simply not true." ... Dr. Hasan Mahmud, Bangladesh's State Minister for Environment and Forests and a PhD environmental scientist, told the Wonk Room that the Republican view of the world was dangerously false:
Here's the transcript of the interview, which you can watch above:

"According to our findings, and according to the reality -- what we are observing, what we are encountering, we are facing -- that is, we are struggling with the impacts of climate change in Bangladesh. There is salinity intrusion, increased natural calamities that is a symptom of desertification in the northern part of Bangladesh, there is more frequent and more devastating flood, and erratic rainfall. All of these are negative impacts of climate change. In Bangladesh, this is very much visible, and we are encountering and facing the problem. I don't know about the United States and how -- In Bangladesh, this is the reality."

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