Ban Against Incandescent Bulbs: Argentina Joins

Incandescent Light Bulbs Ban Campaign Greenpeace Photo
Picture: Greenpeace Argentina.

In the midst of the end-of-year-holiday-rush the Argentine Senate gave the country a good Christmas present: it approved a law to ban incandescent light bulbs. The rule establishes that from December 31, 2010, the importing and commercialization of incandescent light bulbs for residential use will be forbidden in the country.

With this measure, Argentina joins the list of regions and countries that have already said goodbye to regular light bulbs, which includes the European Union, Australia, and Canada.

Find out more in the extended.The law, which doesn't have an official number but whose file is 36/08, has five articles:

-The first establishes the ban of importing and commercialization of incandescent light bulbs for residential use in all the Argentine territory.

-The second gives the Executive Power the ability to establish exceptions to the rule for, "technical, functional and operative reasons."

-The third says that the Executive will be able to announce measures to encourage the imports of finished efficient bulbs or their parts for production.

-Finally, the fourth article says the law will enter force when published at the governmental Official Bulletin (the fifth is only operational).

Greenpeace's local office had pushed this project all 2008 and celebrated the approval of the law. The idea is in deed a great step for Argentina, considering the country's energy crisis. However, environmental law conquers don't always prove themselves useful in Argentina: just take a look at the woods protection law, sanctioned in November 2007 and steady for a year without entering force (heavy interests from the agriculture sectors at stance there).

We only hope this one has a better fate.

Remember changing incandescent light bulbs for CFLs is one of the simplest ways to reduce the amount of energy you spend at home and pay your contribution to the planet. Find more about the simple steps at our How To Go Green: Basics guide.

Original text from the Law Against Incandescents in Argentina (in Spanish)
Greenpeace Announcement of the Measure (in Spanish)

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