Backup Plan - Team Up Bruce Willis With J. Robert Oppenheimer To Stop The Gusher

steven chu photo
"Steven Chu, U.S. energy secretary, speaks to members of the media after meeting with workers at the BP Command Center in Houston" Image credit:Aaron M. Sprecher/Bloomberg

The Obama Administration wouldn't do this, would it ? Well, we are looking at the possibility of years - not weeks - of massive, continuous, high-volume oil spillage into the Gulf of Mexico. BP is left, seemingly, with the last shot choice of shoving golf balls in the 'blow out non-preventer.'

Now is the quintessential moment. If big science and big government do it right, everyone wins. If this radical backup plan too fails, it's the same as it ever was and BP can start collecting more golf balls.

Russia has reportedly done this previously, with a positive outcome.

Bloomberg has the first detailed report I've seen on the team being assembled. Bomb Designer, Mars Expert Sent by Obama to Fix Oil Spill Look on down the page for details.

U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu signaled his lack of confidence in the industry experts trying to control BP Plc's leaking oil well by hand-picking a team of scientists with reputations for creative problem solving.

Dispatched to Houston by President Barack Obama to deal with the crisis, Chu said Wednesday that five "extraordinarily intelligent" scientists from around the country will help BP and industry experts think of back-up plans to cut off oil from the well, leaking 5,000 feet (1,500 meters) below sea-level.

Members of the Chu team are credited with accomplishments including designing the first hydrogen bomb, inventing techniques for mining on Mars and finding a way to precisely position biomedical needles.

In case you were confused about the Bruce Willis simile, it's about the movie Armageddon, where a nuc is deployed to split and divert an asteroid hurtling toward earth.

Oppenheimer ran the Manhattan Project - so I am drawing a parallel to Chu. A ridiculous stretch, I know, but it's irresistible.

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