Axis of Climate Gases


What to call a comparison of the combined GHG emissions of Texas, California, and Pennsylvania with those of North Korea, Iran, and Iraq: The Axis of Gases? How about the Droppings of Iscarus? We don't have those numbers right at hand; but, we do have, via World Resources Institute, a map, originally featured in Science magazine (by subscription only), which shows how regions within the U.S. compare to other major international remitters. As depicted, various regional U.S. emission totals from 2001 were greater than those of Great Britain, Canada, Russia, India, Brazil & South Korea, respectively. WRI comments, "... if states were ranked individually, six states -- Texas, California, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois and Florida -- would rank among the top 30 emitters internationally".Notably, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and especially California are pretty far out of the denial zone on Climate Change, having enacted innovative programs to mitigate GHG emissions. Perhaps the Axis ought to be Texas, Ohio, and Florida?

The bigger question is, do state or national comparisons like this really do any good at all? Let us know what you think.