Awesome Wood Recycling Project (Video)

bristol wood recycling photo

Image credit: The Journey

I am increasingly enamored with The Journey, the bike-powered traveling documentary project that has brought us great short videos of a fanatical bike recycler and an infamous illegally built roundhouse. So when The Journey visited my hometown and filmed one of the most awesome wood recycling programs I know of, I couldn't help but get it up here on TreeHugger. In the interests of transparency I should note that Lisa, the site manager who appears in this film, is an old housemate of mine, and one of my favorite people in the world. But even if I knew nobody in this video, the idea of a community enterprise lumber yard that stocks entirely reclaimed timber that would otherwise go to landfill is so impressive that I couldn't help but post on it.

The Bristol Recycling Project does exactly what the name suggests. It collects donations of unused and unloved lumber, and it either recycles them into shelving, furniture and other products—or it sells them on to the public so they can do the same. But that's enough from me. Let's let the lovely Ms. Lisa take us on a tour and show us the magic that happens when people start seeing abundance where others see waste.

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