Avoid Plastic Utensils By Carrying Your Own - Wrapped In Recycled Cases


Utensil cases, of recycled materials or otherwise, may not be at the top of anybody's list of shopping necessities. But once you start to contemplate the vast amounts of plastic and wood made into cutlery that gets used only a few minutes (3 minutes is average) and then landfilled for eons, toting your own starts to make more sense. We've covered the Carry Your Own Cutlery (CYOC) movement before. And ten-year-old company To-Go Ware has been importing bamboo utensils - fork, knife, spoon, and chopstick sets - for a few years. Now they've got a full line of cutlery cases made from recycled plastic bags, from Indian NGO Conserve.

A small army of workers in the streets of India's New Delhi collect pounds of discarded bags each day. The bags are washed, sorted, cut and then heated and pressed into plastic fabric to make the cases. Though To-Go Ware doesn't carry them, Conserve also makes a line of colorful carry bags - view a video on the labor-intensive process of plastic bag recycling after the jump.

Via ::To-Go Ware, for Conserve bags visit Original Good

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