Auto Alliance Says Hands Off EPA's Ability to Regulate Greenhouse Gas Emissions


photo via flickr

In a surprising but welcome move, the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers today sent a letter to House and Senate leadership stating its opposition to Sen. Lisa Murkowski's efforts to take away the EPA's ability to regulate greenhouse gas emissions. The EPA has the ability, known as the Endangerment Finding, to set strict emissions reduction standards for stationary sources of greenhouse gases, but Murkowski has been working hard to pass an amendment that would strip the agency of its right.The Auto Alliance is made up of 11 automakers including BMW, Ford, GM and Toyota. In its letter, it says that taking away the EPA's rights would endanger the agreement it made with the Obama Administration over fuel efficiency standards for vehicles. The automakers fear a set of what they call "patchwork" laws in different states and want a strict government standard for the fuel efficiency of their cars and trucks.

Alliance President and CEO Dave McCurdy wrote in the letter, "At this time last year, the auto industry faced the alarming possibility of having to comply with multiple sets of inconsistent fuel economy standards."

Sen. Jay Rockefeller has a bill that would delay EPA from acting on stationary sources for two years but not on tailpipe emissions. At a time when we must begin reducing emissions now to both put polluters out of business and signal to the world we are serious about tackling climate change, the efforts to stop the EPA are the height of recklessness.

Rockefeller comes from a state that has rich coal interests. Murkowski's incentive to freeze out the EPA remains unknown to this writer.

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