Australians Concerned About Environment: Survey


"It would appear that the federal government is too pre-occupied with international issues [ .... ], and has failed to recognise that as a nation we are more locally focused on our children's future with health, education and the environment the top priorities," so said the researcher regarding the results of a recent poll. No, this isn’t a country of 52 states, though one of similar geographic size, but with six states and two territories. Seems Australians, if this survey of 1,000 is in any way indicative, have finally decided to worry about stuff other than the interest rate of their mortgage. So what else is on their minds? Health and education top the poll. Followed by "Developing new water sources" and "the environment generally". The real surprise is that "alternative energy sources" came in at sixth and global warming took eighth place. Well unleaded petrol just jumped 24 cents to be around 134 cents ($0.95 USD) per litre (0.26 gallon) [which I think is about equal to $3,66 USD per gallon], so that might account for the energy radar coming on. Cyclone Larry recently slammed into the Queensland coast causing widespread damage, and massacring 80% of the home grown banana crop, sending prices more than triple what they were a week before.


Just as Larry had dissipated, another cyclone, Glenda, on the opposite side of the continent made landfall as a category 4 whirl of trouble. Tonight one quarter of the outback city of Katherine is beneath floodwater. This has all come in the space of a couple weeks. Not to mention that Sydney’s water capacity is only at 40%, and hasn’t been above about 55% for over two years. British Prime Minister was here the other week for the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne. He managed a bit of airtime, talking up a new global warming coalition that he hoped would engage two of the biggest contributors, America and China, with those that bothered to sign onto Kyoto. And let’s not forget we have 40% of the world’s known uranium deposits. Something we seem to be falling over ourselves to sell to the likes of India and China. Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaties be damned. Of course. we don’t want any of the waste back thanks. We can’t even agree where we’re going to dump our spare medical and scientific isotopes. So with all this on the tube and in the papers in the past few weeks, maybe people are beginning to take their eyes off the bank statement, and notice what’s been going on around them. The survey popped up in the ::Melbourne Age, and was spotted by our own MGR.

Must be the season for surveys. Here’s one about Canadians, and what they think if sustainable lifestyles.

Oh, yeh. The images are from Australia's current tourism campaign. Gotta fill those 747s and Airbuses.