Australian Town Bans Plastic Bags

The blog run by Rajiv Badlani has a very specific focus: plastic bags. He advocates the elimation of plastic bags, and covers news stories related to this issue. One of the stories is about a town in Australia, Fitzroy Falls, which has banned plastic bags completely. Deputy Mayor Nick Campbell-Jones said the declaration of Fitzroy Falls as a plastic bag-free town was an example for the rest of the shire to follow. "This is the first locally-branded, re-useable shopping bag in the area and it goes some way towards the creation of a sustainable community," he said.

Local students were encouraged to come up with a design for the re-useable bags which would express an environmentally responsible message and also promote the Fitzroy Falls region.

Badlani also has a store where they sell cloth bags, as a substitute for the non-biodegradable kind.

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[by Justin Thomas]