Austin, Texas Considers Banning Plastic Bottles, Mandating Recycling at Large Public Events Such as South By Southwest

sixth street austin, texas during south by southwest photo

photo by Ryan Mattson

Anyone who’s been to South by Southwest, Austin City Limits or any of the other big public events in Austin, Texas knows how much waste, in the form of plastic water bottles, plastic beer cups, and disposable paper items, gets produced. Come on, one atomic taco means at least two plastic cups of beer just to put out the fire and be able to think again. Multiply that times thousands over multiple days and you get the picture.

Events Without Recycling Plan May Be Denied Access to Public Facilities
Now, the city is mulling whether to mandate recycling requirements for events over 100 people which wish to use city facilities. Those who do not comply may be denied access to city facilities or requests for public street closures, the Austin Business Journal reports.
Green Rating System May Be Developed
Part of the measure would be a ban on plastic bottles, styrofoam and paper items. Additionally, a green rating system may be devised to alloy event promoters to tout their event’s use of environmentally friendly products and renewable energy.

For it’s part, SXSW says that it is supportive of the ordinance, but notes that it is not unwillingness on the part of festivals to recycle or the cost of doing so, rather it’s that the city lacks adequate reuse and recycling infrastructure.

The ordinance is expected to be decided upon in late August or early September.

via :: Austin Business Journal
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