Au Revoir La 'Taxe Pique-Nique': France Drops Carbon Tax Plan Days After It's Proposed

photo: Trey Ratcliff

Just a quick update on a post I did earlier this week. Three days after news of a proposed eco-tax in France on a range of consumer goods surfaced, the word now is that no such tax will be introduced. Modeled on the existing 'bonus-malus' system for taxing polluting automobiles, the tax would have been on a range of consumer goods such as washing machines, dishwashers, and (the origin of the name given to it by the opposition...) disposable plastic dinnerware. Why was this carbon tax (let's call it what it would've been) nixed?"There Is No Picnic Tax"
According to Reuters French Prime Minister Francois Fillon was embarrassed by the bad publicity the plan was receiving and "immediately pulled the plug", saying "There will be no new tax. There is no picnic tax. There is no list."

What Would've Been Taxed
Under the plan, the details of which had yet to be finalized, plastic forks, knives and plates would've be subject to a €0.90 per kilogram tax. Environmentally friendly products would've received a corresponding tax break; the entire plan would've been revenue neutral supporters claimed. Opponents of the plan said that the wealthy should be taxed more instead of penalizing ordinary people enjoying a day out, again according to :: Reuters
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