Attack Of The Vital-Juice-Sucking Chinese Stinkbugs


The Japanese beetles are bad enough, having been around my home in the hundreds of thousands for the last two growing seasons. Nothing eats them. No amount of bag trapping can control them.

The good news is that all the Japanese beetles have eaten this year is my 40 foot river birch tree (3/4 denuded at end of August), all roses, all new growth on my three elephant plums, an entire climbing hydrangea, all new growth on three mature grape vines, and entire pole bean plants. The rest of the garden, however, is untouched. These Chinese stink bugs (pictured), however, are a different matter. They're slow, stinky and somewhat repulsive when they get into the house and crawl into the bathroom sink and shower, which is a fairly common issue, because they also are incredibly abundant in any standing foliage near the doors and windows.

What really makes me angry is that the stinkers love to eat produce, sucking out the plant juices with some sort of proboscis. In the picture you can see a bunch of them sucking away at a small Hubbard squash. They also love pumpkin, beans, zucchini, eggplant, and many other succulent fruits. Never in decades of gardening have I experienced an insect that goes after the late fall harvest with such intensity.

Anyone else have this problem? How can we send them back to China?

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