Attack Of The Mutant Artificial Trees


The National Christmas Tree Growers Association is offering a free download of "Attack of The Mutant Articificial Trees," a game that seems to have left the plastic tree sellers feeling 'lost in the toilet brush woods' (according the the NCTGA, the company that invented the mutant ones originally made toilet brushes). So, when that little voice in your head asks 'do you want a real tree or do you want a fake one'...this is reminding us of a visit to the grocery store and hearing the 'paper or plastic' voice... the Association's website has a rundown of reasons to go with the real thing. Among the best cited: real trees are mostly grown in North America, while the fake ones largely are shipped from China; and, the vinyl often used in fake trees commonly includes a great deal of inorganic lead as a "stabilizer" and/or fire proofing agent, requiring a Prop 65 warning label in California. We suggest you check the 'fire proof' test shots on the website. Finally, while Christmas Tree farms may be often poor on the biodiversity scale, we should not forget that their product can be recycled.