Atlanta Collar Counties Getting Serious On Water Use


This took awhile; but, Atlanta's suburbs at last seem headed in the right direction, considering, for example, ordinances that favor more water efficient toilets.

Unfortunately, local officials seem not to have discovered, yet, the nearby presence of the worlds largest potty (pictured). One thing at at time.

Dekalb County Commissioners will take up CEO Vernon Jones' desire to require homes built before 1993 to install low-flow bathroom fixtures before they can be resold. Jones also wants stricter penalties for outdoor water violators: a written warning for the first offense, followed by a $250 fine on the second, $500 on the third and service cutoff following a fourth violation.

Gwinnett County Commissioners will consider tougher fines, including up to a $1,000 penalty for repeat offenders and doubling the water rate for large users who don't reduce consumption by 10 percent. They'll also discuss a rebate of up to $100 per toilet for customers who replace older models with low-flow commodes. The new measures would also ban commercial pressure washing and car washing that doesn't use recycled water as well as reduce the time landscapers will be allowed to water new lawns.

Cobb County Commissioners, who passed a rebate incentive for low-flow home plumbing a couple of weeks ago, will look to their own government toilets. They'll consider spending $250,000 to replace more than 500 toilets and urinals in 77 public buildings with low-flow models. The measure hopes to cut the county government's own water use by 60 percent.

Let's hope the water company is keeping close tabs on water consumption and will later publish a chart showing whether these measures actually have a beneficial effect.

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