At Least Somebody Wants a Windfarm.


After they got on the wrong side of the American Revolution, in 1784 the Six Nations native people were offered a lovely swathe of land on either side of the Grand River in southern Ontario , which has recently been the subject of some dispute. Now it seems that the Six Nations have submitted a "notice of seizure" to the developers of the Melacthon Wind Farm (which we have talked about here and here) According to the Globe and Mail: "That land is our land," said Kahn Tineta Horn, who signed the document with another woman known only as Katenies. In Six Nations tradition, women act as titleholders of the land. "As the owners of the land, we are now the owners of the windmills," the letter reads. How sad that even the most benign and positive projects get bogged down in NIMBY fights and now land claim disputes. ::Globe and Mail