At IIDEX: Revive Socially Responsible Recycling

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Jim Reid and Melody Syne of Revive

TreeHugger visits IIDEX, short for International Interior Design Exhibition, an annual trade-only design show in Toronto.

Often when companies downsize, move or redecorate, the old stuff gets carted off to the dump. What is a Lehman Brother to do with a building full of furniture? Call Revive. They take it away for the same cost of a regular pick-up-and-dump service, and transfer it to their Green Solutions Foundation, a registered charitable organization. The Lehman Brother gets a tax receipt to use against last year's bonus, while the furniture and other items are donated to non-profits, schools, health care facilities and other deserving and needy organizations (DAN’s) locally, nationally and internationally.

Revive was founded by Jim Reid in 2006 and now has representatives across Canada and the United States. I interviewed him at IIDEX.


Here is the model: "Revive accepts all of the assets a company wants to release. No cherry-picking or selecting only those items that are easily re-saleable. We take the good, the bad and even the ugly." It is sort of a Freecycle for lazy corporate types- taking away the old stuff and redistributing it to those in need, another of example of what Alex Steffen says: "there is no such thing as garbage, just useful stuff in the wrong place."

Revive also puts together "Schools in a Box"- filling shipping containers with enough furniture to furnish a small school. Good work is being done at ::Revive
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