At Copenhagen, Young Americans Are Disappointed in Their Country But Still Hoping for Change

Q&A; with Jessy Tolkan, Energy Action Coalition
Even if they aren't being let into Copenhagen's Bella Center for the final crucial days, non-governmental organizations have started a full court press for a fair and binding deal that would give developing nations the aid they need.

Last night, US negotiators Todd Stern and Jonathan Pershing met with members of one of those groups, the youth campaign SustainUS, for a candid conversation about the US's still weak commitments. Frustrations were shared, tears were shed, and in the end, the young campaigners walked away crestfallen. One participant told me that last night he "kind of lost faith in the Obama administration."

In this video, I speak with Jessy Tolkan, the executive director of the US Energy Action Coalition, about the mood of campaigners today, the hurdles that remain on the path to a real climate deal, and her hopes that Obama will heed the call for serious action being sounded by young generations in the US and around the world.

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