Ask Graham Hill About Managing a Virtual Office

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The virtues of the virtual office was something TreeHugger Founder Graham Hill believed in from the beginning and it's something our Skype-connected staff demonstrate from home offices, libraries, and coffee shops around the world, every day. Getting rid of the central office, many companies have proved, eliminates commutes, saves energy, and can even increase worker productivity. But, as the staff of Inc. discovered, it is not without challenges.

To help out, Graham will be answering questions about managing a virtual office today, at Graham told Inc.:

There's a lot of pressure to have an office, but if you can trust your employees and if you don't have a lot of physical stuff like prototypes, then it's a great model. You're going to save a bunch of money on real estate, and it's going to be good for the environment, because you're not commuting, and you're not using an office.

There's the added benefit, he mentioned, that you "can work anywhere in the world."

Keeping people motivated, on task, and in touch with the entire team, however, is not always a simple task. Neither is convincing clients and investors that your virtual office isn't the product of a "virtual company."

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